Up and Over Garage Doors

Up and over garage doors fall into two main categories, Canopy or Retractable.

Canopy        Retractable

The Canopy garage door is the most common mechanism which gives maximum drive-through width when open and is easy to install.

The Retractable garage door is becoming more popular as it is easier to convert safely to electric operation.
This mechanism can handle heavier loads, and as a consequence can be fitted to much wider openings i.e. double garage doors.

Steel Doors
white-steelThe Hormann steel range consists of nine designs in traffic white finish and up to twenty sizes. Some designs are also available in a Brown finish.

All steel doors come with the Hormann 10 year warranty, are very easy to use and offer excellent security. The tough baked on powder coat paint finish offers stunning looks and lasting durability. All steel doors can also be over-painted at any time giving you the option to change the colour of your door.

Hormann doors are available with the option of a factory fitted steel fixing frame painted to match your door. Alternatively they can be fixed to a traditional timber frame. Burglar resistant two point locking comes as standard on all Hormann up & over doors, with the option to increase your doors security to 4 point locking.

Add to this a great range of accessories including coloured handles etc and you have all you need from a steel up and over garage door.

 G.R.P. Garage Doors

The beauty of wood without the worry!wessex-up-and-over

The Wessex Range of GRP White Gloss and GRP Woodgrain garage doors has been designed to enhance the appearance of every style of home from the traditional to the modern.
With the most extensive range of Up & Over and sectional garage door designs and made to measure sizing, you also have the choice of three GRP build qualities To suit your particular preference and budget – from the robust, attractive 3 Crown To the luxurious 5 Crown ranges.

What is G.R.P.?

G.R.P. (Glass Reinforced Polyester) garage doors are quite simply the best doors that you can buy. G.R.P. has a better strength to weight ratio than steel, is a natural insulating material, it won't warp, shrink or rust and is virtually maintenance free. A modern composite laminate, G.R.P. is a versatile and well proven construction material that has been in use for over 50 years in a huge variety of applications, from boatbuilding, to motor vehicles, to building materials.

Close up of grain patternGRP is an inherently dent resistant laminate, able to withstand knocks and blows that would easily permanently deform and damage a traditional steel door.
wessex-basic-rangeWessex GRP doors are tested to, and exceed, the same stringent impact resistance requirements as those stipulated under BS6206:1981 as it applies to Safety Glass and Safety Plastics for use in critical locations in buildings, thereby confirming and guaranteeing the toughness of the product.
GRP is probably the ultimate material from which to manufacture a garage door. Unlike steel, GRP door panels will not rust or corrode, and are particularly suitable for areas close to the coast where steel doors are severely tested and often have a disappointingly brief life.
Unlike timber, GRP door panels will not shrink, swell, warp or twist and do not require the regular attention needed to ensure a timber door retains its good looks.

Hand finishing Hand finishing Hand finishing G.R.P. can be moulded in smooth gloss finishes or with a stunningly life like Woodgrain finish, using moulds taken from real high quality solid timber door designs to give an authentic and faithful finish to your garage door that will even deceive the experts.
GRP doors are manufactured by skilled laminators and finishers in our Verwood factory were each door is built to order. Unlike mass produced 'synthetic' machine applied finishes, Wessex timber effect doors replicate nature in that, when completed, no two doors are ever identical, each having been built and finished by hand.
When cured, each GRP door is a single homogenous composite panel that includes galvanised steel stiffening for strength and solidity as an integral part of its structure.

The New Valiant Range of Garage Doors from Wessex

This new range of doors from Wessex includes our original Woodgrain colours with three new beautiful gloss colours. wessex-valiant-gloss
All Valiant doors feature a choice of Canopy or retractable lifting gear and are fitted onto a Steel chassis that provides a neat edge to the door panels and gives the door strength and rigidity.
The chassis is available in White, Brown and Black with frames to match.
Up and over doors feature a Black locking handle that operates the twin locking rods.
Side hinged doors have a Black lever that operates a locking latch to the active leaf, whilst the inactive leaf is secured by a shoot latch bolt.
The rear face of a Valiant Up and over door is White with the chassis in a choice of three colours. The rear face of the side hinged door is White as standard or Brown as an optional extra, with the chassis available in either White, Black or Brown.


woodTimber Doors
Traditional, elegant, hand made timber doors from Hormann. Made from top grade cedar wood and exterior grade ply, these doors offer the benefits of the Hormann lifting gear with the sublime looks that only real wood can offer.

All timber doors are available with the full range of accessories as well as the peace of mind that the Hormann 10 year warranty offers. As with GRP doors, timber doors are made to order. This allows the option of having no handle fitted when used in conjunction with an electric operator

Convenience and security for your home
No one likes to get out of their car in windy or rainy weather or in the middle of the night, just to open the garage door.
With Hörmann garage door operators, you always have a clear path into the garage, as you can open the garage door and gate quickly, conveniently and safely from your car using a hand transmitter. With the fast, convenient SupraMatic, the inexpensive ProMatic as well as the ProMatic Akku, the operator for garages without a power connection, Hörmann offers innovative operator technology.

Supra-fast door opening

The SupraMatic operator in sectional doors has an opening speed that is up to 50% faster, so you are inside your garage sooner.

Reassuring security

Uninvited guests barely stand a chance with Hörmann automatic doors.

Coordinated Systems

Hörmann provides you with a perfectly coordinated system consisting of a garage door, garage door operator and entrance gate operator. You do not need an additional receiver, which eliminates the need to coordinate the operator systems from various manufacturers.

Reliable automatic safety cut-out

The automatic safety cut-out immediately stops the door in case of sudden obstructions. We recommend fitting a photocell for even more protection and safety.

Guaranteed quality

Thanks to superior technical solutions, numerous patents and an uncompromising quality assurance, you receive a 5-year warranty on the operators.

Individual, convenient operation

The varied accessories programme offers high-quality mobile and stationary accessories for all fitting situations. Accessories range from the micro hand transmitter to code switches and finger-scans, as well as special solutions such as the emergency battery.