Sectional Garage Doors

A Sectional Garage Door consists of separate sections instead of one single panel. This allows for very smooth operation both manually and when operated electrically. These doors are prefect for most shapes of garage doorways including arches. Sectional garage doors are ideal for short driveways as you can park right up to the door.
Sectional doors have many other advantages over their up and over counter-parts. Sectional doors maximize the drive-through width of a garage opening. The door gives greater height clearance to accommodate 4x4s and MPVs.
  • Space saving
    Because sectional doors open vertically and are suspended under the ceiling they can make full use of the space inside and in front of the garage.
  • Variable fitting
    The shape of the opening is not important when the door itself does not pass through the opening so it is perfect for arched, angled or odd shaped openings
  • Wider passage
    The design of the door gives maximum drive through width and height when open, unlike other garage doors.
  • Sealed All Round
    Flexible, weather resistant seals on all 4 sides keep out the wind, rain and dust.
Sectional Garage Door
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A world leader in garage doors Hörmann offer the most complete range of sectional garage doors available in Europe. Available are a staggering range of designs and sizes.

Just some of the features

  • Fully sealed perimeter - with rubber seals and close fitting to steel framework. The large bottom rubber seal on a level floor will prevent leaves, dust and other rodents.
  • Vertical operation - meaning you can park your vehicle right up to the door inside or out and still open and close it with ease.
  • Powdercoat finishes - standard on all doors inside and out with bright white finish externally and off white internally - no need to paint.
  • Easy operation - due to the spring mechanisms assisting the door during most of the operation, unlike an up and over type, the doors are surprisingly easy to operate.
  • Full drivethrough - no reduction in the drivethrough width - a 2286mm wide door gives you 2286mm when open. With the N track mechanism you get the full height and only lose approx. 50mm on the Z track mechanism when fully open.
  • Remote control ready - due to the retractable tracking mechanism of a sectional door they are ready to have a standard boom operator fitted with no further adaptions.