We can supply and install GSM alarm systems

  GSM Wireless or powered perimeter protection systems

  • Power optional, monitor any location.
  • Alarm messages to mobile phone(s), SMS and telephone call.
  • The system can be either silent or audible.
  • Security for your stables and outbuildings.
Your farm, smallholding or small business and its contents are open to the theft of equipment, plant, fuel or livestock, there is someone out there who wants it!
With our range of industry approved Rural Alarm Systems, you can protect all areas of your property and be notified imediately if there is an intruder.
Our Rural Alarm Systems cater for all sizes and shapes of property, so there is a security system just right for you.

 We can supply and install CCTV systems too.

wireless-cctv-systems-607pxCCTV is now considered crucial in both crime prevention and detection - it can be the ultimate deterrent and is both visible and effective. CCTV systems are increasingly incorporated in commercial security systems, staff surveillance, anti-theft surveillance and access control - and can be also used for health and safety, business management and analytics or even livestock control.
We can install systems in virtually any building, we are able to design our CCTV systems to work in any situation, including farms, stables and outbuildings.