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Hörmann SupraMatic and ProMatic
Featuring the new BiSecur radio system

Choose either a Hormann Promatic or Hormann Supramatic remote control garage door operator and you will be choosing one of the quietist, most reliable and fastest openers on the UK market.

The latest generation of Hörmann garage door operators, the series 3 ProMatic and SupraMatic, now feature the new Hörmann BiSecur radio system and new elegant handsets.

24V DC motors provide smooth quiet operation combined with a unique nylon/kevlar drive belt you can be assured you are getting the very latest in electric operator technology to give years of trouble free service.

  • Super fast door opening: The SupraMatic operator in sectional doors has an opening speed that is up to 50% faster, so you are inside your garage sooner.
  • BiSecur Radio System: The modern radio system for garage door and entrance gate operators. Convenience and security for your home.
  • Automatic door latching: Optimum mechanical protection against levering open of the door (Hörmann Patent)
  • Reliable automatic cut-out: stops the door instantly on encountering an obstruction
  • Patented toothed belt technology: This reinforced Kevlar toothed belt is particularly tearproof and quiet. It does not require grease or lubricants, so nothing will drip onto your car. This is an important advantage over chain or spindle operators. A strong spring mechanism provides consistent automatic tensioning of the toothed belt and ensures even and smooth operation
  • Reassuring security: Uninvited guests barely stand a chance with Hörmann automatic sectional doors.
  • Simple and quick to install: thanks to perfectly prepared fixings
  • Adjustable lighting (1-5 minutes)
  • Separately switchable halogen lighting: via your hand transmitter or the IT 3b optional internal push-button unit, the operator lighting can be switched separately on and off.
  • Additional opening height: with the individually adjustable second opening height you can ventilate your garage without having to fully open the door.
  • Elegant aesthetics: Thanks to the operator hood in brushed aluminium

gliderol_left GliderMatic gliderol_right
  • Convenience, Safety and Security
    Home owners world wide are increasingly becoming aware that a Glidermatic® GRD™ Roller Door operator is something that you cannot do without.
    This operator when installed on a Roller Door will provide you with convenience you can rely on at the press of a button with your Glide-a-Code® handset.
    Gone are the days of getting out of your car at night or in the rain, the Glidermatic® GRD™ operator with its numerous safety and security features will see to this.
  • Value for Money
    The Glidermatic® GRD™ includes everything to convert a Roller Door to automatic remote control.
    A powerful motor and drive unit with a manual or automatic operation selector, a Glide-a-Code® radio transmitter handset to operate your door from inside the car and a wall control mounted inside the garage containing a radio receiver, sophisticated electronics, an automatic light and a push button control for door operation inside the garage.
  • Remote Control New or Existing
    The Glidermatic® GRD™ can be supplied as a complete automatic door or as a separate operator which converts existing manual Roller Doors to automatic remote control.
    Installation to an existing Roller Door is quick and easily done in a matter of minutes.
  • Glidermatic® GRD
    Patented World Wide

    The Glidermatic® GRD™ operator patented world wide by Gliderol Garage Doors. This quiet, smooth and reliable operator can be found in over fifteen countries world wide. Featuring the most up-to-the-minute technology the Glidermatic® GRD™ operator is a must for any home.